My training in psychology and cognitive neurosciences together with my experience in interdisciplinary academic and industrial research environments and my familiarity with public outreach and the media, put me in a unique position to advise research and business alike.


I advise businesses, including start-ups and food manufacturers, public institutions, and the media on topics surrounding multisensory food perception (taste, flavor, smell, sight, etc.) and eating behavior including aspects related to their development, learning, experience, and the potential for change in food perception. 


As a consultant and speaker, I identify and link these topics to branding and innovation, consumer research and marketing, as well as health and nutrition. 

Summary of services

You are looking for a speaker for a scientific meeting, public or internal event or training?

I have ample experience in speaking to peers and laymen alike.

You have questions on topics related to (food) perception and cognitive neuroscience?

I am an experienced expert interviewee for different media (print, radio, TV).

You have a research question and don’t know how to address it?

I provide scientific advice and protocol assistance to help you design a neuroscientific, sensory or consumer study, e.g. on cross-modal (aroma-taste, sight-taste, texture-taste etc.) interactions and associated perception.

You need a taste test for your research or cohort study?

I have been developing and assessing quick and reliable taste tests and can help you find a solution.